“We think globally, we act locally” such slogan was accompanied by a charity action organised by volunteers Fair Play Team – GKS Góra, as part of the implementation of the second task in Fair Play Program, which is the organisation of charity activities.The action lasted from April until mid-August to collect plastic corks from bottles and containers.

The main goal was to support the treatment and rehabilitation of Majka, a resident of the Staroźreby commune, where the team from Nowa Góra operates.The idea of this charitable action was to involve the entire local community to realise that it is possible to do really big things together, and doing good does not require complicated actions at all.

The collection of plastic corks for Majka also had an educational and educational aspect, particularly important for children and young people who participated in the action. Volunteers from Nowa Góra made children, young people and the entire local community aware of the negative impact of plastic on the environment and climate.They also showed that thanks to such actions, plastic can be recycled and can be reused.

16 Fair Play volunteers from Nowa Góra, 7 girls and 9 boys were involved in the plastic corks collection for Majka. Volunteers were responsible for promoting actions in their schools, among their peers and social media.They coordinated the reception of traffic from local residents, supporting the operation and supplying plastic corks. 

The charity organised by volunteers from Nowa Góra has supported many institutions, companies and representatives of local authorities and local authorities. The Municipality Office in Staroźreby, headed by Wójt Kamil Groszewski, was responsible for media promotion on the website of the municipal office. Zbigniew Dłużniewski Primary School in Nowa Góra – representatives of which were: Director Beata Rosiak and Deputy Director Monika Turowska- Burczyńska. The school organised plastic corks gatherings during its working hours and promoted activities among students, parents, facebook and the website of the institution. Friendsfrom the Volunteer Fire Service in Nowa Góra with the warden, Mr Mirosław Pomoryn, handed over the collected plastic corks and promoted the event on the facebook profile of the OSP.

Charitable actions were also supported by local companies that ran a fundraiser among their employees and partners and promoted activities on their social profiles:— Pietrzak sp. z o.o. company, sp. k. with the President Robert Pietrzak;TOM-BUD with its President, Mr Tomasz Garlej;The “Quick Horse” horse stud with the president, Mrs. Marta Szyba.

Agnieszka Karwowska – a representative of PKN Orlen, who is also a VIP volunteer in the Fair Play Team from Nowa Góra, also engaged in thecharity. Mrs. Agnieszka led a cork collection for Majka among the employees of the department she works.

The whole action was coordinated by the leader of the Fair Play Team from Nowa Góra – Marcin Sielczak, who is also an animator of the local “Orlik” and a member of the board and coach of the youth group GKS Góra.

The action carried out by volunteers from Nowa Góra was related to the promotion of one of the 17 – Sustainable Development Goals.It was the fifteenth goal- Life on land.

The involvement of so many people, institutions and companies shows that the objectives of the actions, such as assistance, integration and educational and educational activities, were fully realised.

Material carried out within the framework of the project “Fair Play Program = Academy + Teams + Playing + Forum + Research” implemented under the Civil Initiatives Fund for the years 2014-2020 coordinated by the National Institute of Freedom – Centre for the Development of Civil Society