From the diary of champion adidas Breaking Barriers – mental health

maj 14, 2021

People are not born with extraordinary physical strength, and no one is born mentally strong. You have to work on it every day. If this becomes our priority, we will certainly achieve the desired success. We should not only avoid situations that could weaken us, but also develop habits that will help us grow stronger.

Mental health, otherwise known as mental or emotional health, is the key to a good, happy life. It also concerns how we feel about ourselves, how we think about ourselves and our surroundings, whether we can skillfully build relationships, and whether we are able to deal with our own emotions and difficulties in life. This is the topic that the girls encountered during the next session as part of the adidas Breaking Barriers project.

Apart from preparing presentations, workshops and educational games on this subject, the champions in the second part of the classes proposed various forms of activity stimulating the work of the brain. In Rudniki, during games and plays with a basketball, girls stimulated the work of both hemispheres of the brain, e.g. during simultaneous, alternating dribbles with two balls. Climbing was a form of activity in Maszewo. It is a physical activity during which we must achieve full awareness of the position of our body in order to move and gain successive levels of height. In Proboszczewice and Puck, the activities were games and fun, thanks to which the girls could stimulate the work of the brain, which corresponded to the theme of these classes.

We usually associate physical activity with physical health. Of course it is, movement affects our body – it shapes endurance, coordination, strength, speed and flexibility. Sometimes, however, we forget that not only the body but also the mind gains a lot from practicing various physical activities. How does it happend?

Mental health is inseparable from physical health. This is indicated by many studies in which we read primarily about the positive impact of physical activity on mental health. In addition, well-being is related to the proper oxygenation of the brain – which is ensured by physical activity. So what does our psyche gain in connection with excellent physical health?

Sport teaches how to lose

This translates into coping with failures in everyday life. We translate all lost situations into experiences that may turn out to be valuable to us. We become mentally stronger and more understanding for our mistakes.

Sport teaches patience

Any good effect requires work and persistence, just like in life. We can see how much time we have to spend to achieve the intended results. Thanks to this, we can also give ourselves time not only in sports, but also in life.

Sport teaches you to cope with stress

Stressful situations in sport are common, so we see them as a challenge. Stress is no longer a paralyzing feeling, it becomes a stimulus for us to act – both on and off the pitch.

Sport teaches you to enjoy life

The level of adrenaline or endorphins increases if we perform physical activity. Then we feel alive! Moving in the morning is a great way to have a better and joyful day. In turn, physical activity in the evening allows you to release emotions from the past day and sleep better.

Sport teaches non-perfection

Not all elements of our physical activity need to be perfect. Nevertheless, we strive to achieve the desired results in small steps. When everyday life accuses us of the necessity of being perfect – thanks to physical activity we know that without the ideal we can also achieve the desired goals!

Remember that nothing is served on a tray – everyone always comes across some obstacles along the way. When they do, think about how to overcome them, and don’t think that this is the end of the road.

adidas Breaking Barriers Champion – Katarzyna Pawlaczyk

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