As part of the 3rd task in the Fair Play Program 2019/2020, Fair Play Team from Rudniki organised a football tournament, played by football method 3, combined with the promotion of Sustainable Development Goals.The event was called Fair Play Global Goals Festivial – Rudniki 2020 was held on September 27, 2020 in the gymnasium of the Andrzej Wajda Primary School in Rudniki.

Young footballers could feel like real football stars, each action ending with a goal was rewarded with applause. Fans stood up to the task, excellently preparing to support their teams.The doping was carried around the hall from the first to the last minutes of playing.

Participants of the festival were students from early school education (classes I-III) and children from the Children’s Home in Sowczyce, for whom assistance in the traction of the 2nd task was directed.In total, the Fair Play Global Goals Festival – Rudniki 2020 was attended by 97 people, including players, fans and parents.

The Fair Play Global Goals Festival – Rudniki 2020 actively participated 11 young volunteers — 4 girls and 7 boys.Their duties included a number of tasks divided into categories.Tasks to be performed before the festival: organisation of the festival office;drawing up a list of participants of the event; division by group of mediators; preparing for the safe implementation of the task and compliance with OSH principles regarding COVID procedures -19.

Tasks during the football 3 festival: realisation of photos and film for the final report of the event;conducting dialogue zones and scoreboards;helping children and teachers in the correct order of games;preparation of the position for the creation of plastic works and the selection of one volunteer as a member of the jury, evaluating the work.

The tasks of volunteers after the completion of the Fair Play Global Goals Festival – Rudniki 2020 were: tidying up the sport hall after the event; creation of a gallery of artworks done by children; selection of photos, drafting of relationships and mounting video to the final report, summarising the event.

The implementation of the Fair Play Global Goals Festival – Rudniki 2020 was supported by many partners who were eager to help organise the event. Rudniki Municipality, which was responsible for supporting image events and media promotion.The Municipal Centre for Sport and Recreation in Rudniki, which provided material support for festival participants, in the form of diplomas and gadgets. Andrzej Wajda Public Primary School in Rudniki, which has made available the gym, sound system and exhibition boards for the organisation of the festival. Deputy Director Anita Borek performed during the official opening ceremony. Folk Sports Club of Żytniów, whose representatives helped in conducting additional competitions – “Master of juggling” and “penalty kicks”.The club’s secretary – Mr Grzegorz Dwornik also took part in the solemn beginning of the festival. Maria Bejm and Anna Krzak – educators of the early school education department, were responsible for helping with the tasks related to promotion of Global Goals, were responsible for childcare during the tournament and created a competition jury, in assessing the artworks performed by children. Fair Play Global Goals Festival – Rudniki 2020 was also supported by a professional medical paramedic who was responsible for the medical care of participants in the tournament.

Fair Play Global Goals Festival, organised by volunteers Fair Play Team from Rudniki also had a aspect of Global Goals promotion.Participants of the festival promoted all the Sustainable Development Goals.The participants chose one goal and presented it in the way of drawings.

Fair Play Team from Rudniki also organised a knowledge test about Global Goals so that children could learn about it, but also get new information.Throughout the whole festival, the aim of the Gender EQUALITY was also visible not only on the field, but also during the competition prepared by volunteers. In additional competitions, the Master and Mistress of Juggling as well as the King and Queen of the penalty kicks area were selected

Here is a comment from  Fair Play Team leader Katarzyna Pawlaczyk:

— 33 participants from the classes 1-3 primary school, a girl on each team.A total of 14 teams competed.Our new colleagues from the Children’s Home were also present and took part in the competitions and all the activities prepared, such as the Art Competition, the Global Goals knowledge test, and juggling competitions and penalty kicks.

Material carried out within the framework of the project “Fair Play Program = Academy + Teams + Playing + Forum + Research” implemented under the Civil Initiatives Fund for the years 2014-2020 coordinated by the National Institute of Freedom – Centre for the Development of Civil Society