Volunteers of the Fair Play Team from Olsztynek organised their Fair Play Global Goals Festival on 16 October 2020 in the gymnasium of the Rotold Pilecki Elementary School in Olsztynek. The football tournament, using the football3 method, was aimed at primary school students and was very popular. Apart from the fact that mixed teams of boys and girls competed, according to the principles of fair play, the event also promoted the Sustainable Development Goals.

The event of the Fair Play Global Goals Festival – Olsztynek 2020 was attended by a total of 63 children from early school branches (classess I-III). They were students of the Rotold Pilecki Primary School in Olsztynek. 29 children competed in the 3 football tournament, and 34 students and students participated in the Global Goals promotion. 6 teams was with very interesting names took part in the sport competition:Freshmen, Terrible Wolves, Tigers, Fireballs, Smart Tigers, Triggers. First the qualifying matches were played in groups and later in cup matches. The game was played in the spirit of Fair Play.

Each match was preceded by mediation with volunteers from the Fair Play Team.The students set the rules of the match, the way they celebrated, and recalled the rules of the game Fair Play. After each match, the mediators gives additional points with the players for complying with the predefined rules. The atmosphere during the competition was also great fun.There was a lot of emotion.After all the matches there was a ceremony of awards – medals, diplomas and in-kind awards.

The Fair Play Global Goals Festival – Olsztynek 2020 was organised by 9 young volunteers Fair Play Teams from Olsztyn – 3 girls and 6 boys. Their tasks included planning and organising the festival. During the tournament, volunteers were involved in conducting dialogue zones as mediators and technical support of the event – sound system, photographs, announcer.After the festival, volunteers performed cleaning work in the sport hall and took part in summarising the event and writing down the conclusions needed to prepare the final report of the event.

Fair Play Global Goals Festival – Olsztynek 2020 was supportedby partners who contributed to the success of the event. The municipality of Olsztynek financed the purchase of material prizes for the participants of the festival and promoted the event in social media. Primary school No. 2 of the rotister Witold Pilecki in Olsztynek, headed by Beata Bukowska, the director of the facility, provided the sport hall and sound equipment needed to carry out the operation. The company “Tymbark – MWS” together with Mr Waldemar Młodkowski handed over non-gassed water, fruit mousse and in-kind awards for children. Agnieszka Wasyk – a medical paramedic —provided professional medical care for the participants of the festival.

The Fair Play Global Goals Festival – Olsztynek 2020 was also accompanied by the educational aspect, which was the promotion of Global Goals – students of each class created a poster with their choice of Sustainable Development Goals.The whole event promoted goal no. 3 – good health and quality of life and goal no. 5 gender equality.

Material carried out within the framework of the project “Fair Play Program = Academy + Teams + Playing + Forum + Research” implemented under the Civil Initiatives Fund for the years 2014-2020 coordinated by the National Institute of Freedom – Centre for the Development of Civil Society