19-21 October 2020 at the Zbigniew Dłużniewski Elementary School in Nowa Góra, a great celebration of football and the idea of Global Goals was held. Football3 Festival & Global Goals, which was organised by volunteers Fair Play Team from Nowa Góra proved to be a big organizational challenge, but it was also a great success of the team.

The event lasted 3 days. For 2 days, children from early school divisions (Class I-III) competed in class tournaments, playing football 3 tournaments.On the last day of the festival, the educational and promotion aspect of the Sustainable Development Goals was realised.

The Fair Play Global Goals Festival – Nowa Góra 2020 was attended by 56 students – 34 girls and 22 boys – from grades I-III of primary school, coordinated by teachers of early school teaching.In the tournament, both girls and boys competed in mixed teams.There was a lot of fun game, interesting discussions in the dialogue zones and ingenuity in promoting Global Goals.

The festival was organised by 3 young volunteers of Fair Play Teams from Nowa Góra. 2 volunteers boys and 1 volunteer girl. Before organising the festival, they were responsible for promoting the event, helping in recruiting teams and preparing documentation, match cards and catalogues of rules.During the event, they were the main organisers of tournaments, responsible for field organisations, the order of meetings, reporting results and conducting dialogue zones.At the end of the festival, the volunteers’ task was to send reports and photos from the tournament, gather material for social media coverage and promote the event.

The main partner of the Fair Play Global Goals Festival – Nowa Góra 2020 was Zbigniew Dłużniewska Primary School in Nowa Góra, headed by Mrs Beata Rosiak – the director of the facility and Ms Monika Turowska – Burczyńskadeputy director of the school. The school opened the sports hall for the event and prepared diplomas for the festival participants.The directors took part in the ceremonies of the end of the festival and the graduation of the diplomas and balls handed over by the Orlen Foundation. Joanna Pietrzak, a teacher of physical education in the same school, without which the organizational help of the festival would not have taken place in such a form, did a huge job.In addition to the coordination of teams, students were also happy to assist in organising the festival.

The last day of the festival was the culmination of hard work done by children and their guardians.In order to acquire knowledge and promote the Sustainable Development Goals, each class has done artwork, presenting its own interpretation of the objective it has chosen. At the end, all the works were displayed in class galleries, which could be viewed for several days.

— Our students, volunteers and teachers showed that such events allow not only to educate, but also to integrate the school community.And good fun can also contribute to doing good.Our festival promoted 2 objectives – “climate action” and “good quality of education”.We hope that together we will not create yet another similar event for our community

— commented the whole festival Marcin Sielczak, leader of volunteers of Fair Play Teams from Nowa Góra.

Material carried out within the framework of the project “Fair Play Program = Academy + Teams + Playing + Forum + Research” implemented under the Civil Initiatives Fund for the years 2014-2020 coordinated by the National Institute of Freedom – Centre for the Development of Civil Society