“You don’t know what to do?… Do good,” the local community volunteers Fair Play from Puck encouraged to help. The action took place on October 30, 2020.

As part of task 2, “Let’s do something good” Puck volunteers with the help of participants organised cleaning up the local beach and the city park. In addition, they also helped birds by hanging feeders, made of recycled materials. Now our flying friends will be able to eat in the coming winter days. The action was intended to be an appeal to care for its own surroundings.

— Such actions involved in helping, from an early age, are an essential activity in the education of children and young people. By actively doing good for different goals, we remain socially sensitive to life

this is how Patrycja Komowska, team leader from Puck sums up the action.

Three young volunteers of the Fair Play Team from Puck – 2 boys and one girl – actively participated in the organisation of the charity. Their task was to help and organise the whole event and to take care of the other participants in the action.

The partner of cleaning the beach and city park in Puck was the Mariusz Zaruski Elementary School in Puck. The role of the individual was the active participation of children in the event. It was attended by students of two departments of early school education, coordinated by the educators.

The leaders of the Fair Play Team from Puck and the main initiators of the charity action are Patrycja Komowska and Dawid Pomorski. Sports and recreational animators and educators. Members of the Board of the Port Association, creators of the women’s football team Kaperki Puck. Initiators and organisers of sport-educational events and projects. The leaders also run the Puck Support Centre and the Daily Assistance Centre for children and young people.

The charity campaign of volunteers from Puck promoted as many as 5 Sustainable Development Goals.Objective 3 – Good health and quality of life. Objective No. 5- Gender equality.Objective No.13 Climate Action. Target number 15- Life ashore.Objective No.17 of the Partnership for Objectives.

Material carried out within the framework of the project “Fair Play Program = Academy + Teams + Playing + Forum + Research” implemented under the Civil Initiatives Fund for the years 2014-2020 coordinated by the National Institute of Freedom – Centre for the Development of Civil Society