On a beautiful holiday day, August 6, 2020, volunteers of the Fair Play Team from the Jabłoń Kościelna, as part of the organisation of charitable actions in the gamefication of Fair Play Program, organised charity Dancefit of Zumba in Orlik and joined the Charity Militarian Picnic.All measures were taken to support the treatment of Michaś with SMA.


The help could have been supported by everyone. During Zumba, each participant made a donation of a minimum value of PLN 10.The team also donated 5 balls and a Fair Play Program T-shirt to the Military Picnic. All the money collected was donated to help in the treatment of Michaś, a young resident of the Nowe Piekuty Commune.

The charity was organised by 5 volunteers Fair Play Team from them Jabłoń Kościelna – 2 girls and 3 boys. Their tasks included:— Promotion of the event among colleagues, acquaintances and social media.

The charity Zumba and the Military Picnic have supported many partners and institutions and individuals. Mrs. Paulina Faszczewska – Zumba’s instructor, conducted dance sessions .School in Nowe Piekuty represented by Ms Danuta Wyszyńska – Director of the Primary School in Nowe Piekuty, Mrs. Maria Łapińska – Deputy Director of the Primary School in the Nowe Piekuty and Mr Grzegorz Grabowski – Physical Education teacher.

As a team partner, the school supported the entire organisational logistics and coordination of the Fair Play Program’s ball and shirt bidding.The organisation of the Military Picnic was also supported by representatives of local authorities; Mr Marek Kaczyński – Wójt commune Nowe Piekuty and Mr Leszek Dąbrowski – employee of the Municipal Office in Nowe Piekuty.

The leader and initiator of the activities of volunteers from the Jabłoń Kościelna is Maciej Mikołajczak, a local sports animator in the Commune Nowe Piekuty. Maciej’s team has been in Fair Play program from the very beginning, and its activities are appreciated and noticed in the area of sport volunteering in Poland.

The charity Zumba and the Militar Picnic for Michałk supported one of the seventeen goals of Sustainable Development, goal no.3 Good health and quality of life.  

Material carried out within the framework of the project “Fair Play Program = Academy + Teams + Playing + Forum + Research” implemented under the Civil Initiatives Fund for the years 2014-2020 coordinated by the National Institute of Freedom – Centre for the Development of Civil Society