Volunteers Fair Play Team from Maszewo Duże organised a virtual run called “Brwileńska Ostoja for Zosia”.The race took place on 13-19 July 2020. Each participant of the competition took part by registering his sporting result through a mobile application. In addition, the volunteers from Maszewo Duże donated a ball with the signatures of the entire team to bid.

The money paid by participants of the race, fans and the winner of the bidding was donated to small Zosia, the inhabitants of Płock County, struggling with a terrible disease, which is SMA .Thus, volunteers from Maszewo Duże Big became members of the “Army of Fighting Zosia”, because that is the informal name of a group supporting the collection for a medicine for a girl.The cost of the drug and its administration amounted to nearly PLN 10 million, and the team from Maszewo Duże contributed to the collection of this amount.

This is how the action is commented by the leader of the Fair Play Team from Maszewo Duże, Łukasz Rakowski:

We’ve replaced the Brwileńska Ostoja for Zosia for run for Zosia. The money paid by the participants and fans contributed to the Zosia’s account. The race was organised virtually, using support applications. We also put out a ball with the signatures of our entire team on the bidding. The sum was donated to the treatment of a sick girl.

The charity was attended by 16 volunteers from the Fair Play Team from Maszewo Duże – 10 girls and 6 boys. Their tasks included establishing contact and inviting local runners to promote the run, verify the results and collect data and photos summarising the action.

“Brwileńska Ostoja” –  a virtual race for Zosia, organised by volunteers from Maszewo Duże, supported many institutions and partners. The Municipality of Stara Biała with Mr Sławomir Wawrzyński was responsible for promoting the event on the municipality’s website. The Municipal Centre for Culture and Sport in the Stara Biała, led by the director, Mr Roland Bury, was responsible for the financial support needed to organise the race.The local welding company handed over the cup to the winner of the competition, sleeping on its own by the employees.The ambassadors promoting charity were famous local runners — Agnieszka Budek and Andrzej Brzeziński.

The leader of Fair Play Team from Maszewo Duże is Łukasz Rakowski. He is a well-known and popular person in the local community, and his team is always involved in volunteering. Łukasz is also a teacher of physical education at the Władysław Stanisław Reymont Primary School in Maszewo Duże and an animator of sport on the pitch “Orlik”.

The action carried out by volunteers from Maszewo Duże promoted three out of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, formulated by the UN: Objective No 3 – Good health and quality of life;objective No 9 – Innovation, industry, infrastructure;objective No.17 of the Partnership for Objectives. The virtual charity “Brwileńska Ostoja for Zosia” turned out to be a very noble act that helped save what is most important – human life.

Material carried out within the framework of the project “Fair Play Program = Academy + Teams + Playing + Forum + Research” implemented under the Civil Initiatives Fund for the years 2014-2020 coordinated by the National Institute of Freedom – Centre for the Development of Civil Society